mission:  The deep map theatre project is committed to presenting theatre that offers a view of the world that goes beyond surface boundaries and dividing lines. We look at the landscape of a place and the people in it, the layers of history and culture built on and around it, the stories, songs, myths, and possibilities. We transcend time and space–partly because we don’t have space but we are happy to share our time, partly because time and space are always changing, partly because we’re making theatre.

IMG_1743deep map was put together by California multi-genre artists Paula Cizmar and Daniel Cariaga.   We at deep map invite artists to participate in grassroots projects, and student artists from the University of Southern California’s School of Dramatic Arts are often involved and given the opportunity to interact with professionals. We’re brand new and are just getting started, but our commitment is especially to the stories of the American West, the stories–past and present–that have gone untold. Stories of the issues and people, the known and unknown, the disappeared, the ignored, the forgotten, and the hidden. Big stories–migration and immigration; water and weather; myths and re-inventions. And personal stories–families and who we are.


defined:  a deep map is   multilayered   weaving   history topography people literature archeology stories weather geography folklore memories anything that creates the deep nature of a place